Thursday, 9 February 2017

Bloody Westies

As beautiful as the day was yesterday the walks where not so perfect. I'm not too great myself at the moment and I was just back from the doctors so Steve decided to come with me to Llyn Cop. We would take the short path cross country and straight to the edge of the lake, and then back the same way so Kaiah could come with us.
As soon as we were parked up and where on the move things started to go wrong,
the Westies from the cottages across the common came charging towards us. I wanted to get our dogs away quickly (All three were already off the lead) and I increased my pace. Sadly one of us took a nasty fall and the other couldn't get them to their feet. Our dogs did not help by bouncing all over the place and the Westies who had stopped at their usual distance away where now coming closer. Now only a stones throw away from us and on the path, (but sadly I couldn't find a stone) I was worried about Kaiah. As yet she has not had many negative experiences with other dogs and I didn't want it to start now! It was every man for himself and I moved to the further path and took the dogs out of harms way. The little shits continued to follow for a short while barking and snapping behind us.
Imagine the uproar if my dogs where allowed to go charging across and behave so threateningly towards people walking their dogs .. imagine the uproar if one of my adults had take offence yesterday and retaliated. I can well imagine if they had got near the pup Sammi and Loki would have well sprung into action and then who would be to blame? The cuddle little Westie? Surely not, it had to be the GSD's to blame. Of course to add insult to injury one of us is in a lot of pain today, one of us probably won't be able to do jack shit for days now!


Lin said...

So sorry your walk turned into a nightmare and well done all your dogs for behaving so well, I know that Lexi wouldn't have put up with those westies especially now they're coming up onto the path, so I definitely wont go that way. Such a shame there was a fall on such a what should have been a lovely walk x

ian turner said...

hope your ok rhian not hurt to much.yes defo the GSDs would get the blame