Monday, 20 February 2017

New Boots

Great time of year to buy walking boots as they are usually on sale. The Merelle boots where so comfortable but when the third pair started leaking I gave up.(I sent the first two pairs back) I will wear them in dry weather as they must be the most comfortable pair of boots I've ever had. I don't think I'm asking a lot, I just want a pair of waterproof, comfortable, warm boots that can withstand a couple of hours walking on reasonable terrain daily. I have a pair of Gola walking boots which so far are doing well and were less than half the price of the Merelle boots .. and also some Karrimore walking boots which were cheap, and are Ok, but they are what I paid for them. I don't mind paying a little extra, but I won't be hundreds for a pair either (The original Merrell were £88 - I had never paid that much for boots till then!)
So meet the new boots "Northwest Territory  - LADIES PEAK LACE UP PREMIUM LEATHER UPPER WATERPROOF WALKING/HIKING TREKKING BOOT." With £25 off of course making them too less than half price of the Merrell boots! Here's hoping, but just incase ... I'm keeping the box, if I can get it back off Jamie of course!!!

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Lin said...

The boots look good and soon we'll be giving them a good workout !!!!! lets hope you're lucky with these x