Wednesday, 15 February 2017

GSD Best in Show In America's Crufts!

My dislike of extremes in the GSD are well documented. The "American" style of dog being one of the worst I've ever seen. But OMG what has happened here? This is a pretty nice bitch with a happy bubbly character. She is also shown sympathetically on a loose collar and extended lead. It seems like someone has seen the light!
This is more what we are use to seeing in the American Show Ring.  Swan Necks, straight fronts, ski slope backs and over angulated rear ends. And lets not forget the cheese wire chains they are show on which are held high under the chin and behind the ears. 


carrie said...

Thanks for putting that up Rhian, wonderful, really cheered me up. Cx and yes, she is lovely,

Lin said...

Woohoo that was wonderful to watch and yes such a lovely girl x

ian turner said...

verry nice GSD big difference to the other one