Saturday, 11 February 2017

4 Months Weights And Measures

Two days early but I had to pop to Pets At home for Tali's food
so took advantage and took Kaiah along for the ride and popped her on the scales. 
 On the way back we stopped for a soggy walk in Rhostryfan.
Kaiah watching a buzzard ... with Loki and Mammi Sammi!!
17kg and 49cm at the wither. Yep I'm happy with that
Sammi was 18.40kg and 50cms.
I have noticed that she is leaner than her mum was at the same age, but height wise, well there's nothing in it is there. Her colour is dramatically different with a lot of the silver ticking already breaking through her new coat. With her red tan I think she will be quite impressive looking!


Lin said...

Lovely pics and Kaiah's doing well I can't wait to get to know this lovely little girl x

carrie said...

She is stunning.Looking forward to her visit! cx