Saturday, 25 February 2017

I Don't Believe it!

Wind, rain and niwl (Mist or fog??? I never know) No one quite believes that we are only going to the gate .. come on guys at least you all got out,
 .. and no more pics as I don't want to risk my camera!
 Kaiah has never been beyond the gate, the day will soon come.
 Tali's not impressed - "open the fecking gate!"
Damn, damp lens, Pics a bit blurred
Steve was not best pleased when I announced that I was off out with the troops today. He said I was bloody nuts and would get soaked. I have tried to explain to him that sitting here does little for my delicate head, going out, walking helps me. Of course I wouldn't get wet, I have a waterproof coat, trousers and new boots, only my face would get wet!  Ok I confess I found out today that my old faithful coat is no longer waterproof and the water somehow managed to run up my sleeves, I was damp up to my elbows. My best waterproof trousers where in the wash and this lighter pair didn't take the strain so my jeans were also damp, and I slipped on a bank and ended up on my knee in a puddle .. on the plus side my feet were dry and warm!!!

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Lin said...

Have to agree that when you're ready for the rain it's still nice to go out as we have done many times !!!!! even to the top of mountains !!!!! do we care , in a word NO x