Friday, 17 February 2017

Glad That's Over

Yesterday was a very strange experience, not as bad as I expected but still not pleasant. I know I can be smutty, almost vulgar in my humor but I'm still quite a self conscious person and being exposed as I was yesterday is something I struggle with. Still it had to be done and the brain angiogram was not painful at all, just flashing lights in my head and a bad taste in my mouth.
During the procedure I had the opportunity to talk to and thank my Consultant for saving my life, his reply was very touching .. "No need to thank me Rhian, I consider it a privileged to be able to do what I do." Where would we be without people like him and his team at that fantastic hospital eh? Anyway he was pleased with the stent and coiling and said that really all I need now is a few MRI's over the next few years. He pointed out that I may have to live with the headaches, the fatigue, the puddled memory and the people who just don't get it because they can't see the scars; but as I told him it is usually easier to tell people that your "fine" than try and explain, he didn't agree!
Thank you so much to the 4 lots of family/friends who got me there and back yesterday .. over to you for TLC now MR S.


carrie said...

Well done Rhian, never doubted your personal courage, which not everyone has!!! As u get older u realise that other people's opinion whilst pleasant to be approved of, is really of NO consequence in the grand scale of things, and is THEIR problem, not yours. Life gives us all a battering eventually, and those without sympathy need to recognise that. So relieved that it now over, u home safely and your Consultant pleased with u. Fantastic. Cx

Lin said...

So glad you're back home safe and sound and that all went well. Time to take it as easy as you can then finally bit by bit get your life back on track. What you've been through was so scary but you've done it but don't overdo it and you'll soon be feeling better and up for a few nice walks with me x

ian turner said...

im glad everything went well for you as i know you were worrying over it and i dont blame you .maybe you and steve can relax a bit now cant of been easy for steve either take it slow now rhian