Monday, 13 February 2017

Cats Are Cold

 Oliver Blue, Tia, Jimmy, Billy on the top and Junior on the floor
 Best I got of Isla who hates the flash on the camera
and of course the main man Jamie! 
After the most horrendously windy 24hrs I'm glad to hear the wind is finally dropping a tad. The cats have all been cuddling indoors, they do love the warmth. For safety sake none of us have set foot beyond the yard till about an hour ago when Steve went the furthest he's been in 5 days and made it to the gate to check the mail. He came back and explained how luck our vehicles and the caravan have been as the base to next doors shed has made it half way here. It's in our field but gladly the dip by the top gate has stopped it coming further. The force of the wind has been so fierce that our dog food shed is rocking and the benches are like rocking chairs. I really think it's time it blows itself out now .. I'm bored with you now Mr Wind!


carrie said...

same here, its funny how many storms we have in N Wales but this one has really
unsettled me too, and I feared for eucalyptus tree yest.Touching the ground at some points, quite alarming! Lost two roof panels from shed, not actual roof, just panels
which can b stuck back again.Just NOT today.
But on the plus side, Ben couldnt care less and sat out in it, mooched around, Bruno not so keen, but then the food is indoors!!!
Pusscats got right idea, inside cuddled up for Valentines Day x

Lin said...

Thanking our lucky stars that the base didn't get any further !!!!!! It's been ok here cold a little wind but sunny. lets hope the wind goes now so we can come :) x