Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tali Update

Really pleased to report that Tali is currently doing well on her posh diet! She is still getting 2 meals of the Fishmongers White Fish And Potato Food and 2 meals of either potato or pasta with freshly cooked white fish. (I get a bag of six fillets in tesco for £1.90 - we use less than 2 bags a week) I have been adding a small handful of the Arden Grange White Fish And Potato to all 4 meals and there has been no adverse reaction so I will now bite the bullet and buy her a 12kg bag. She has only had diarrhea once since starting this new regime and that was with 24hrs of getting a "denta stick." No more of them for Tali then. Tali was initially taken off all her supplements but I have now added the No Ake back to her food as I feel it helps her mobility, don't get me wrong she's not struggling but at 12 a little help goes a long way ... Anyway here's hoping it doesn't cause digestion problem!

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Lin said...

So pleased Tali is doing so well on the food she's having x