Thursday, 23 February 2017


Well I'm not afraid to admit that last nights Brits had me bawling my heart out. I didn't watch it as it first aired but watching others comment about it on social media set me off before I saw a thing. Anyway with the living room and TV to myself before bed I watched and cried. Chris Martin did a reasonable job but did miss a few vital notes, hearing George then made me realise that no one can sing "George" like George. Still I thank Chris Martin for doing what must have been an impossible job. My heart went out to Pepsi and Shirley who both struggled with emotion, Andrew was more composed but he too struggled.
 I've said very little about George on my page these last few weeks, I found it easier not too. Even now some find it amusing to ridicule what they don't understand, and right now I couldn't take it and would probably say or do something I may regret later. I've made some wonderful friends because of George, shared some wonderful times, memories I will treasure. He helped me through the bad times and now without him I feel an emptiness that I can not fulfill. As yet I have not listened to a single CD or watched a single George video. The only song I've heard was on the radio and that was painful enough .. so last night I guess a lot of bottled up emotion came flooding out. A "George Michael Tribute?" It just didn't seem real, it was heartbreaking!


carrie said...

Like u |I did not watch the programme live, but heard all the tributes after.Was so
glad they had honoured George in this way. by all the music industry. Can only imagine how hard it must have been for u to watch, and totally get that u have been unable to play any of his music, or watch dvds. There will come a day when u want to, which only u can know. Something so personal to u does not need to b shared, for us all to
understand how deeply u are feeling the hurt. We are all with u Rhian. Cx

Lin said...

It must have been so difficult for you and can't be easy when he was such a big part of your life. Only you will know when you can listen to his music again and as Carrie said we're all with you x

Anonymous said...

Dear Tali, don't know if you remember me but I was a forums member some time ago. While husband and me where jokingly thanking Chris suddenly George was in full screen and we'd hear his beautiful voice. I choked and cried my eyes out while hubby tried to comfort me. Still wearing black and will do till the funeral. Love Karin

Tali said...

Nice to see you hear Karin .. they were happy days on GMF

Anonymous said...

They were... And now they're so sad... I miss him zo much, Just like you do. And I know many do �� Karin