Saturday, 3 December 2016

What If???

Yes I'm pondering again .... they kids are now 7 weeks and 2 days and the boys have one testicle between them. Having bred 10 litters since 1996 with 35 to 40 males present, previously I have only had one male with one testicle and that was in 2003's "E" litter. All the others have been present and correct before they were sold at 8 weeks. 
Worst case scenario, if Kyle's testicle doesn't come down well then he's here over Xmas and we reevaluate the situation in the new year. There is no point in him going to his current "home" unless everything is there, to have show potential they must both be there. Keeping him here that extra few weeks would give it a chance and get us over Xmas before we think of looking for another home for him. He's as bright as a button and would need a home that could give him the mental and physical stimulation he needs!  Of course that's just me looking at the negative aspects .. but if it does go arse about tit for him, then I do need a plan! 
We have the vet check on Monday and if everything is Ok then Kito is leaving us on Tuesday morning. There will be tears, he's just the sweetest boy and with only the three of them it will be so hard to let him go, but of course at this age it's the right thing to do. He has a lot to look forward to and we will hopefully get to see him on a regular basis. 
My ideal situation would be for Kyle's testicle to drop in the next few days so we can all get on with our lives with our puppies ... here's hoping now! 

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Lin said...

Hopefully it will be there !!!! but agree you have to have a back up plan lets hope you don't need it x