Tuesday, 27 December 2016


From reading messages on twitter it seems that George was not ill, or that is the impression we have been given anyway. Roman Kemp (Martin and Shirley's son) said they were due to spend Boxing Day at "Yog's House." This was posted before Xmas day, and his twitter yesterday was heartfelt and emotional. George's manager said he died of heart failure .. and said it was totally unexpected.
Fadi, George's partner of 4 years seems to have found him, he died in his sleep in their bed. How horrific for him, but still he's slatted by some of the fans who despise him. I don't know the man, he's done me no harm and he and George loved each other, that's enough for me everything else is irrelevant. The problem was that everyone loved Kenny and he was with George for over 10 years, I agree he did have a charm about him. But Kenny and all his addictions where clearly not good for George and all his "disasters" seem to happen whilst he was with Kenny. Just my opinion of course!
A lot of people I know have made their way to lay flowers outside George's house in London. Sisters
Helen and Heidi were kind enough to take a heart shape message card with all our messages to lay outside his home. At least I feel I've been able to say a few short words, though I have to admit I was at a loss as to what I should say ... to say so much in such a short space is impossible.
As fans and members of forums we all new George was a philanthropist, so sad that it's taken such tragedy for the world to see it and hear about it.
This is all so heart breaking, so very sad, sleep tight beautiful George, sleep tight, You Have Been Loved.


Lin said...

That was lovely to be able to get a message to him, It really is so sad x

carrie said...

I have waited until now to say anything to u Rhian. When I heard the news on xmas night I yelled out Oh No, and my thoughts were in a panic as to how dreadful, but how u my dear friend would feel about this. U were right, initially there are no words but gradually thoughts and emotions are possible, and your tribute to him is wonderful and touching, As to folk who just did not understand, they are unlucky they never felt like this about anyone, or anything. If it is in your nature to love, u will, and if its not~~~~~~~