Saturday, 24 December 2016

Carrot Anyone?

Well the Mini Angel frightened the shit out of me last night .. I gave her and Kyle half a carrot to chew, (cut length ways) I just couldn't believe my eyes, she swallowed hers whole. I've always give pups carrots to chew but have never seen any of them do that before.  I just hope she can digest it now and pass it naturally or it doesn't bare thinking about... One things for sure, no more carrots for Kaiah! I've never had such a greedy puppy here, I thought Asha was bad but this one takes the biscuit ... and the carrot! When we were weaning the litter the boys were really slow, with only the three of them mummy had plenty of milk, but she's been a pig from the beginning and never left a crumb.
It wasn't such a peaceful night last night. Tali needed to go out at 5am and it was too much to ask of the little ones that they would settle again. I did let them out and put them back in their crates but they screamed for about 30 mins before re settling for about an hour or so. So yeah we were up early on Xmas Eve!
Tali is causing us problems with her food. After 3 years of
controlling her IBS with yogurt and tree bark powder she has decided that she now won't eat either! It's a viscous circle really as she needs them to easy her digestive system, but won't eat with them in her food, and she really can't afford to miss many meals. This morning I added a piece of white fish and the liquid I'd cooked it in and at least she ate that. I generally don't believe in adding things to the diet but as I've said before I will always bend the rules with the oldies. Otherwise Tali is still doing well, and really enjoying shredding all the puppy toys that are scattered around.
Sadly no developments with little Kyle bits. I'm not sure if I believe in homeopathy, but I have started him on a course of tablets called "Boy Special" which may help. The ingredients are used with little boys who have the same problems. Anyway there's nothing to loose is there. It's all been so disappointing really, but at least he'll be spending his first Xmas with us. He's got quite attached to Loki, and Loki himself is fantastic with him, well with both pups, the big boy never lets me down!


Lin said...

unbelievable of your little Kaiah and the carrot to not chew , you're going to have fun with her lol . Hope tali gets back on her yog and tree bark as it dos her so much good. As for Kyle lets hope what he's on works for him it's definitely worth trying x

carrie said...

b hell, what a shock, know that feeling as Bruno also swallows things whole. Given up worrying, but at least he has grown up digestion. Worst ever was Tipzee swallowing a fat ball still in green netting, and I never saw that again!!!!! and believe me, I did look.
The gastric juices will dissolve carrott in time, will need to check u know what!!!

Fingers crossed the powder might help Kyle, give it a little time. x