Monday, 26 December 2016

RIP Beautiful George

Christmas will never be the same will it. I know George had been silent for years, but he did this and then came back into our lives with a huge bang. With a documentary planned for screening in March, the reissue of the remastered "Listen Without Prejudice" due for release in the Spring and rumor of new material, this was not the bang we had been expecting.
I can't deny it I'm devastated, heartbroken. This was the man I turned to in my darkest hours. I never found comfort in the bottom of a bottle, I always found it from him and I always presumed he would be there for me.
Recent photos had shown him looking very different. The lack of clarity of the photos made it hard to see if he had put a lot of weight on, or if he was bloated. Several suggested he was bloated and maybe suffering from some illness, but no one really knew. Apparently he died peacefully in his bed of heart failure, but a PM is still on the cards.
George Michael gave me so much, not only did he enrich my life with his music, but he enriched my life with the wonderful friends I have made through loving him. Like minded people from all over the world that I had the pleasure of getting to know and spending time with. Some of the best days of my life where spent in their and his company ... for me the night in the Echo theater in Liverpool 2012 was without doubt a highlight, a night that I will never forget. I know others in my circle of family, friends and acquaintances just didn't get it; some found amusement in ridiculing him simply to make fun of me or ridiculing me for loving him. When people don't understand something it's easier to make fun of it than to try and see it from the other persons point of view I guess. I gave up trying to explain myself, there is no point when they simply don't want to understand is there.
Today I feel an emptiness, a sadness at the loss, and I thank everyone who had the understanding to message me, it really means a lot. As much as I/we the fans are hurting my heart goes out to George's family, friends and partner who's loss must be unbearable!
These are maybe not "the best" photos but they are so precious as these are my own photos.


Lin said...

George will always be there for you in your photos memories and music x Frank.

Lin said...

It's just heartbreaking x

ian turner said...

so sorry rhian i know how mutch you liked him and his music he will be a massive los to you and others .