Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Dreaded 15th Of December

Today is still one of the hardest days of the year for me. Louis was special, my dream dog. Everything I like about a GSD all wrapped up in one precious little package. A kind happy dog who lived a fun filled life. Louis loved everyone, and his dog; but I was privileged, for his entire life he gave me his all, Louis loved me the most! Still miss you so much my precious boy, my dog in a life time, my Mr Amazing. 21/07/03 - 15/12/12
Yesterday, hmm, where do I start? Well I had my first ever bath by candle light anyway! Seriously it was a difficult day, the kind of day that has you on the verge of calling for help. Steve could barely walk and I was having a bad head day, when both happen together it becomes difficult. I slept and cried for the best part of the morning .. but as always with rest I improved and did manage to get the dogs into the field in the afternoon. I also got the bins and recycling down the track for today's collection but there was no way either of us were safe to drive .. hence the bath by candle light. No it wasn't romance, the bulb fused in the bathroom on Tuesday night, we always have a spare, but not this time. It's not a problem, you think I'll pop into town to get one tomorrow, you don't think that tomorrow you may not be well enough to do it do you!
Oh hell I shouldn't complain, so much sadness in the world. A friend of a friend in his early 40ies, has young children and has been given 2 weeks to live. It kind of brings it all into prospective doesn't it? I'm improving, I'm having many more good days than bad and as I was told in Walton last week, the recovery period after a brain hemorrhage is 2 years, so I'm over half way there and without doubt my symptoms are decreasing.
The pups are becoming harder work, the more you give them the more they want/need. They are both so bright and both deserve equal time and energy spent on them. I honestly never thought I'd have two at this age, but no, still no jingles bells! (well only the one!) I check daily, balls are becoming an obsession. haha. I so need them to be there so my lovely boy can start his life with his family, this feels unfair on everyone involved. Wouldn't it be great if the 15th of December could be remembered for something positive for a change?
Sammi is obsessed with playing with Kyle, he gives as good as he gets and she loves it. I have to admit I panic a little as she plays the same game as she plays with Loki and I'm just so scared he's going to get hurt. She does play with Kaiah too, but when Sammi gets OTT Kaiah ends the game by going away. Ziva is being typically awkward, because she's hormonal after her season she doesn't want to play with them, but she has decided that Tali isn't allowed to play with them either. She doesn't like Tali and would never let her play with Sammi when she was little either, but this is not her call it's Sammi's and Sammi is happy with it. Odd this pack behaviour isn't it, like I often say I just wish I could ask them the questions ...

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Lin said...

Wonderful memories of Louis such a special boy. Sorry for what you're going through at the moment hope things improve for you and Steve. Here's hoping Kyle gets his other one soon x