Friday, 2 December 2016

More Fun In The Caravan Garden

Kito, Kaiah, Kyle
Kito, Kyle, Kaiah
Kito, Kaiah, Kyle
Kaiah, Kyle, Kito
Nothing like playing with someone else's toys is there.
The guys are full of fun and mischief with the odd spat thrown in for good measure. 
Their bellies are almost back to normal, I think I may start introducing puppy food back into their diet tonight. I guess slowly does it! They are still banned from our front garden so being able to take them over to the caravan garden is a godsend, they love it there!
Hard to think that if all goes to plan both the boys will be gone by this time next week.We are still waiting for Kyle's testicles to drop to know that he is definitely sold. If they don't drop we have to rethink as both the people that were waiting for a male puppy from me have now found their boys elsewhere. Here's hoping eh!


Lin said...

So pleased the garden has come in so handy for the pups and it's lovely to see them there and playing with all the toys x

ian turner said...

time gone quick it will be sad when they go to their new homes fingers crossed kyle will stay local as pland