Friday, 30 December 2016

Tali's Post ..

The Puppies are annoying, noisy and annoying like their mother but not as bad as their grandmother whom I hate! But there is one good thing about them, with puppies come toys, lots and lots of new toys to shred. As the oldest member of the family I feel it is my right to have anything I want. Right?
So I walk into the living room, I don't see like I use to but I knew Loki had just the toy I wanted, you know when you decide it's that one and no other. I walked over to try and take it, but the cheeky little upstart picked it up .. I needed a plan. I kissed him .. he cocked his head on one side, one play bow in front of him and I could tell he was mine, I took a couple of steps back and a raised my paw to his face. He got up to play, I grabbed the toy and moved away. He play bowed in front of me to play, the cheek of him .. so I bit him! As if I'd want to play with him, boys are so stupid!

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Lin said...

What a girl Loki should know better but maybe not LOL x