Friday, 23 December 2016

10 Weeks Yesterday

 Kaiah with Kyle's Space Hopper
Little Boy's Sulking!
Another dry, clean and quiet night in the puppy beds, I'm so thrilled with them both. Someone did scream at 7.35am and I wondered what to do for the best. If I got up and let them out was I "teaching them" that screaming got you your own way or was I ignoring a puppy who needed a pee? With gale force winds and rain I opted to wait and within 5 mins they were silent, so at 7.50am I got up and let them out. It seems I did the right thing, but more by luck than judgment.
Kaiah has been reading the "How To Be A GSD" manual... she's got to the page about taking your master his/her slippers. I don't think she's quite read it correctly though and may have mixed it up with hide and seek. Yes it's me hobbling around in one slipper doing the seeking the last 2 mornings!

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Lin said...

Love these pics and both pups are doing so well, have you found your slipper yet LOL x