Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Over the last 48 hours we have been gradually getting the pups use to spending time on their own in crates. They need to become individuals not half of a pair, and I desperately wanted my kitchen back. Having spent and hour or two shut in the crates over the last 2 days,  last night was the first night they would spend a whole night alone .. well in the same room as the grannies, Jezi and Loki, but in their own "Space!"
11pm and it's bed time, as I went to check on the bedding I found Jamie in Kyle's bed and threw him out, he was not amused. I went into the kitchen and got them a biscuit, I always throw a biscuit into the crate and say "gwely." (Bed) They then learn to go in and don't have to be forced in. I shut the doors, wished everyone good night and went to bed. The pups screamed for about 20 mins only and we had a quiet restful night.
I was so chuffed with them and at 8am this morning I went to let them out ... Kaiah ran out, chattering and excited ... and then Kyle and Jamie came out of the second crate! Yes he'd gone back in and I'd shut him in with the puppy all night! Both were fine, and Kyle probably enjoyed the company. Will Jamie have learned his lesson? Will he do it again? You know what, yeah I guess he would! He's now had his breakfast and is asleep on the fish tank!

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Lin said...

That was just so funny bet they cuddled up LOL x