Friday, 16 December 2016

It Couldn't Have Gone Any Better

Last night was another big day in the life of the little guys, dog club! 
Yes I know they are only 9 weeks old and they have only had their first vacs but the need to socialise in my book out weighs the risk of infection. Carried from the van they spent the first 30 mins on their bedding watching the other dogs "having a go!" Then it was their turn, and they took to it like a duck to water ... first time on the lead too! I did have to ask a couple of people to give us space .. but mostly people are understanding and realise that crowding a puppy or allowing their larger dogs to intimidate them is a big no no. 
As it was the last class before Xmas they were both chuffed to join in with the doritos and biscuits .. and we got there and back with no vomit! As I said ... It couldn't have gone any better! 
 Wondering about the hall
Little Kaiah on the table
Wagging her tail so hard it's gone out of focus!


Lin said...

Glad he first visit went so well another big adventure for them and the pic of Kaiah is wonderful x

ian turner said...

realy loved seeing them there they where so good brilliant