Saturday, 17 December 2016

Uncle Deekie Sent Kaiah A Pressie

 Awwww What be this? It be having my name on it.
I Be Opening It Today
I Love it, I Kiss it 
For those of you who don't know who "Uncle Deekie" is, 
well here he is with his sweetheart Sammi Belle. 
His full name is Rio Reekie Deekie Lavington and he's smitten with Sammi
Big thanks to Rio and his "mom" for thinking of Kaiah on her first Xmas, and don't be upset about Kyle Rio, you didn't know he was still here. He's not going to miss out on anything and Kaiah has promised to share "Pink Pocki" with him.... well a little anyway!

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Lin said...

Love these pics and don't worry Kyle there's a pressie for you off us just in case you were still there in fact there's 3 !!!!! xx