Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Perry's Getting Naughty

It was later for us, we are usually in bed by 10.30pm so I did not expect to be standing outside calling "Perry" and ratting a bowl of biscuits, but he was not coming in. I stood for a while and admired the nights sky. It was so clear and the stars where amazing. I'm so thankful to see them and to not live in an area polluted by artificial lights. It sure was a beautiful sight.
Eventually the dirty little stop out came in and his access to the outside world was blocked leaving the cat flap for the other to come and go. Bless poor Perry he still hasn't figured it out and until the Spring I'm not helping him.
This morning as forecast we have a beautiful bright morning with blue skies frost and Ice. My kind of Winter weather and I can't wait to get the dogs out ... Perry on the other hand has had breakfast and has already gone off the explore the sights and sounds of Fron on a Winters morning.

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Lin said...

Guess Perry is getting more adventurous