Thursday, 10 January 2019

Up To No Good?

Yesterday afternoon was a glorious afternoon and Steve and I were messing about and had the doors open. We both came to a stop as we heard a chilling scream from a cat which seemed to come from higher up than the cottage. I ran around checking all the cats, Perry was in the front garden, Oliver, Isla and Jamie asleep, Choo was in the living room, there was just Junior missing, I called him but there was no sign of him.
About 10 mins later the most horrendous cat fighting noise came from next door, I ran up the field calling "Junior ... Junior,"  my stomach was churning over I was so worried he'd been attacked by a dog or something. (Poor Gail was killed by a stray dog not far from home) I called again to see him confidently running from next door, hackles up and tail fluffed. He ran over to me and rubbed affectionately against me, Junior was fine.
My conclusion .. he was the trouble maker, he was where he shouldn't have been .. I do hope next doors cats are OK! Cats will be cats, but naughty Junior!

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Lin said...

Oh what a worry just glad he's ok x