Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Critiques From Pwllheli

Critiques for Ross and Loki from breed classes and Asha in Veteran at Pwllheli last September
 Stanley &Bibby’s SILKENWOOD POLDARK OF BLANIK 16 month old dog. Another good youngster with pleasing masculine head. Dark eyes and good ear carriage. Good front angulation and sufficient bone to forelegs. Chest deep and loins strong. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved well. Preferred the topline of
Stanley’s LOKEAN OF BLANIK ShCM 4 year old dog. Strong masculine head in proportion with well balanced body. Head clean cut with sufficient width between ears, skull of similar length to muzzle. Dark expressive eyes. Ears set high and carried erect. Good mouth with tight lips. Well angulated forequarters with shoulder blades and upper arm equal. Good oval bone and strong pasterns. Chest deep with ribs well formed. Straight in back and broad in loin. Good rear angulation, broad and well muscled. Well set tail. Moved well with reach maintaining topline. Best of Breed. Stanley’s BLANIK GEORGETTE – German Shepherd Dog 10 year old bitch. Pleasing feminine head in balance with well balanced and muscular body. Head clean cut with slight dome to forehead with skull tapering slightly. Wedge shaped muzzle of similar length to skull. Medium sized dark eyes. Well set ears. Good angulation to forequarters with shoulder and upper arm of equal length. Body length of correct proportion to height. Chest deep with ribs well formed. Back strong and straight with slight slope to croup. Good hind angulation in balance with forequarters. Moved soundly maintaining topline.

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Lin said...

Brilliant critiques you must be pleased with them x