Thursday, 10 January 2019

Straight Backed At The Shows

Already disappointed about missing Manchester Ch. Show I was really gutted to discover the judge for Cheshire Show was not someone I would give an entry to. She is very much on the other side of the fence! My friend Mal says he may go to prove a point .. it's too expensive for me to go to prove a point and I will not put my dogs in a position of not winning before they go in the ring .. if you know what I mean! So now the tin hat on it .. the judge for NWGSD in April has handled Loki and Kaiah last May. The chairman of the show told me not to worry that no one will remember last May .. of course they will!!!!! Especially if the jealousy of last year continues into this year, I have to watch my back don't I. So that's three shows that I can't enter or can't take a full team to already this year! Fuck, yeah I'm disappointed! 
The bent back v straight back saga continues on social media. It does amuse me that people are saying they want want puppies from straight backed parents only. They just don't get it do they ... showline GSD's are only "bent backed" when they are put in a show stance. To prove my point .. again ... two photos of Ross, one as a bent backed show dog the other naked and natural ... haha

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Lin said...

What a bloody shame but agree what's the point in going ,gutted for you as It's a show we all love to go to . Also totally agree that there would be someone to be a shit if you entered certain dogs under Anne, thank goodness she was late to handle Ross xx