Thursday, 3 January 2019

Divers In Twll Braich

 One of the divers close to the edge, my photo of the other further in didn't come out as clear. 
 Now he's come out .. but to quote a George lyric .. 
"I have a question, a BIG fucking question." 
Actually I have several questions including, why? But mainly how the hell did they get there and how the hell will they get out? 
In this photo you can see the car at the far side and also the loose slate behind Sammi's bum is where the diver was coming out of the water. Now I get some stick for walking around the quarry, I admire and respect it, but my god even I would never go down there. It is the first time I've actually seen divers in there since I've lived here, though we do know they are there occasionally as we see the vehicles or hear voices. Steve and I watched one rescued by helicopter many moons ago. It's pretty dangerous down there and god knows how they got down the slopes in the first place but they had removed the fencing posts and left the fence laying flat which in itself for someone like me walking past could have been dangerous, I just hope they replaced it before they left! 
I have posted this before but it shows the true magnificence of Twll Braich, as I said there is no doubt it is to be admired but also respected .. and look how close we live to it .. we are the second property to the left of it. 

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Lin said...

Would have loved to have seen the divers but as you say a hell of a way down and then back up but such a beautiful place .