Friday, 4 January 2019

Vet And Walk Three

This morning Nico had a vets appointment  at Caernarfon. He's never been an itchy dog but has had those patches on his ears two years in a row, but both times in Spring. Over the last few days he's got very itchy and has a rash on his abdomen and a patch on his chest and he's also rubbing his face as if it's bothering him. Having seen Rachel at Cibyn before with him I opted to see her again.
My appointment was at 11.45am and I decided I would take Jezi with me and stop for a walk near Afon Seiont (River) on the way home. Well the best laid plans and all that eh ... I got there as an emergency was being rushed in and I was told there would be a delay to see Rachel, I decided to wait. After waiting a good 20 mins Rachel was coming out for me when a couple rushed in with a cat in their arms, they were in tears and said she'd been hit by a car. I hoped against hope for them, but even to an outsider it looked like it was too late. I felt the emotion bubble up and I fought hard to hold back the tears. I didn't know them or their cat ... but having been in that situation your heart breaks for them. They left in tears and from that I can only come to the saddest conclusion.
Whilst I was waiting the receptionist again offered my an alternate vet, I declined and said I was happy to wait. Bless her she even offered me a cup of tea! When we got in to see Rachel she also apologised, my god I could see what was going on, no animal lover could ever complain ... could they?
In the consulting room Nico was a star and was happy to lay on his back with his head on my lap whilst she studied his spotty belly and he almost seemed to smile as she looked around his willy. I told him he was a dirty boy ... bless him. But lets be fair, he has total and utter trust that I will keep him safe and to the best of my ability I always will. Rachel commented on how well behaved and easy to treat he was .. makes you proud doesn't it!
As regards to a diagnosis, well she's not sure what has caused it and she gave me some options on how to progress. I opted to give him treatment of steroids and an antiseptic wash for a week, and if there is no improvement then she'll have to do a skin scrape and send it off to find out exactly what is going on. She suggest I phone in 7 days and give her a report.
As regards to the walk, well that was delayed, I came home for a sandwich and a well needed cuppa before taking them up Moel Tryfan. The sun had by then gone to bed and the colours of the photos look a lot more natural, though of course they were natural this morning it was just the low bright orange sun that influenced them.

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Lin said...

Hope Nico will be OK on his meds and that it clears up quickly x