Saturday, 5 January 2019

Boys In Jail

Today the level of noise has increased tenfold so Sammi must be really attractive now.  Ross has not eaten but is happy to entertain himself with a marrow bone. Loki says you can stick your marrow bone I'm just going to scream and bark. I hate putting dogs in kennels, but now they need to be separated and with the weather being kind they are better off in the kennels than in crates. Of course it's not the life they signed up for when they came to Blanik, but it is a necessary short term solution.
From the photo you can tell Ross and Kaiah are missing each other, but at least they get walks together and part of the evening when Sammi is moved to her bed. The bond between these youngsters is so close, though they spat and argue they are still the best of friends.


ian turner said...

i bet it cant be easy up there with them now

Lin said...

Oh what fun !!!!!! but at least everyone is safe from doing the unthinkable !!!!