Tuesday, 29 May 2018

You Stole My Heart

Hiding from the sun today, just me and my thought I started to reminisce and think about the puppies who had stolen my/our hearts over the years. All our puppies are precious, whether born here or bought in. One thing is for sure if you buy a puppy from us they have only known love and the best we can give them. Some litters are equal, but some individuals have stood out and had to stay, but sadly that was not always the case. In the "A" litter it was Aria, always Aria that had my heart. She was half the size of the others and her struggle for survival brought us so close. Having her taken away from me was like having my heart ripped out, Id never experience pain like it and now I can only compare it to the pain of grief at the loss of one of my family. Well I guess it was the same, I was grieving for the loss and never really forgave the people involved in the situation. With years my love for Seffe - my second pick in that litter, grew stronger and stronger. I never resented her or blamed her and we became the best of friends, she became my heart dog and as I've said, without her it would have been a very different path that we'd followed.
Little Dinky Dee was kind of special in the "B" litter, but she didn't stay either though that was my own decision. I was looking for a pup to show and little Dee didn't have it, but she had the perfect pet dog life.
Seffe had 3 bitches and 2 dogs in her "D" litter but they were all pretty equal and not one of them really got a special place in my heart, though Krizzie (Snap) was always the nutty one. At the time I did feel sorry for her future owner .. not realising it was going to be me! The adult bitch was an exuberant character, very loving with a wicked sense of humor!
Krizzie's first litter has been well documented .. The bitch was long coated and I was advised not to keep the "smaller" male as he would never have enough length of foreleg. But the larger male that appealed to others didn't do it for me and I was left in such a quandary as the smaller male was my heart dog. I remember Steve's words so clear, if you're going to make a mistake, let it be your mistake then you can't resent or blame anyone in future. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and the smaller male, Louis, stayed. Not only did he become a top winning show dog but he quickly became the love of my life.
I still needed a bitch to continue my line and in Krizzie's second litter there was only one bitch, Tali, and of course she stayed. Initially Tali was hard to love, she was independent, naughty, strong willed and distant. Because of Tali disobedience I even lost the confidence to do pack walks, but the making of Tali was having her litter. If ever a bitch blossomed after a litter it was Tali .. she really did become a better person after she became a mother.
Tali missed after her first mating to the top winning import "Ice." By then her mother had died and I so needed a puppy to help me move on, to help me recover the huge losses of 2007. (We had lost 4 dogs in 6 months)  I remember I was devastated, heartbroken and so I did what I do and I went out and bought a dog! Kaiser Vom Conbhairean - Kai who was to become the sire of Tali's litter.
The "G" litter was born in 2008, 4 bitches and 2 dogs. Plenty of choice for the ideal bitch to continue my line, but who stole both our hearts? The black faced puppy dog. There was no option, the ideal and lovely bitch Asha stayed .. and so did the black faced puppy dog .. Mikey Mikey.
Born by cesarean Asha had 7 bitches and 2 dogs in August 2011. I have to be honest, not the best quality litter I've bred but Danni and Ziva were just the most divine puppies. Keeping both would have been the dream, but we had to do what's right by the sisters and it was another heart ripping experience to let Danni go at 8 months old.
The sister .. OMG the sister, an experience and a learning curve. Let common sense prevail and never ever keep litter sisters. I had Jezi and Ziva both health tested and came to the conclusion that my way forward was with Ziva, though many disagreed as the plainer colour Jezi was more shapely, but Ziva had better hips, better colour and a softer character.
A Young Nico 
2012 was quickly becoming another year from hell, Kai had died and left me in pieces and I was falling deeper into misery when I offered an opportunity that I couldn't miss. Conbhairean Danko, Nico, came to Blanik and filled my heart with his kindness, love and devotion.
Mating Nico to Ziva took a lot of thought, research and planning. Nico and Asha were cousins as Nico's mum was the litter sister to Kai, and Asha is Ziva's mum. But with my eyes open I went ahead and had the best litter I'd had in years. So Asha may not have produced the best, but her daughter sure went ahead and did it, and there in that litter of 6 was the next heart dog. The bitch I called "Belle" stole my heart very early on and I remember willing her to be the best bitch for the future of Blanik. I loved her so much that had she not been I'd have been devastated. Sammi Belle, the Naughty Angel .. now the Angel ... a best friend a dream come true.
Sammi and Kaiah
Sammi's pregnancy was a roller coaster ride .. and when the three musketeers came into the world I was ecstatic. From day one I knew who was staying and my bond just grew and grew. A few months back we did have a glitch in our friendship but we worked through it and I now look at Kaiah with love and pride. Sammi Belle's daughter is the best bitch at Blanik in a long long time .. by that I mean constructional .. the show dog. Though I have to admit that she too is an absolute darling and has wormed her way deep into my heart, even though I do feel she's laughing at me most of the time!!!
So looking back at Kaiah's pedigree, on the bitch side we have Nikki, Seffe, Krizzie, Tali, Asha, Ziva and Sammi .. and I'm equally blessed that she also carries both my Conbhairean boys, Kai and Nico ... she's a combination of so many wonderful dogs and bitches .. can't go wrong really can we?
And then there was Ross, lol. I only mention him here and now as with successful health tests he will hopefully be the sire of the next generation. If his health test are not acceptable then we will look elsewhere for a man for Kaiah .. but there's a good while till then, maybe a year, maybe more.

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Lin said...

That was both heart breaking and funny to read ,remembering that look on Tali's face when we stayed too long and Krizzie sitting on Frank not to mention all the fun with all the others over the years xx