Sunday, 6 May 2018


Yesterday morning started badly and gradually seemed to get worse. My ring clip which had fallen off at WELKS was broken and when I went to get the spare out that snapped in my hand. My head was .. well as it had been for days and I tried my damnedest to hide it from Steve. But as I tried to get the dogs ready to leave Ross and Kaiah were so over the top that I just couldn't cope, I fell apart and burst into tears. I hasten to add it was my behaviour and tolerance that was different and not their level of excitement on a dog show day. Of course then I was busted and after the support came the pleading with me not to go, but it was only Mona and with a co-driver I felt I could manage. Mr S was not amused! I cried most of the way to Caernarfon, but composed myself just in time before picking up the Cofi.  I do try not to feel sorry for myself but sometimes it hits me hard that things will never quite be the same again, as they tell you in Walton, there will be normal again, but it's a new normal!
For the first time ever the judging for our breeds was outside. In principal a fantastic idea, but the practicalities were not as easy. The ground was sloped and uneven and that made moving the dogs quite difficult. We waited a very long time to be judged and Ross enjoyed digging numerous holes outside the ring. The dogs got on really well and I thought the atmosphere between us all was light and very friendly. I can only think that if someone felt awkward that it was their own doing and not the feelings of the majority!
Ross was 1st of 2 in the puppy class and then had a quick break in the van whilst the junior class was judged. At this time the camera went on strike, though the quality of the photos were not as good I'm still pleased to have the phone photos. Kaiah stood alone in PG but gave a great performance and Loki handled by Ian won Open. Then it was chaos. Debbie was kind enough to bring Ross into the challenge for me, but he did slip his collar and came charging over proudly to us at the top. The judge was tolerant and friendly, thank god and saw the funny side of the situation. In awarding Loki BOB she commented on how much she loved the bitch, (Kaiah) but for her Loki had the edge!
I took Loki into the group myself and we managed to get group 2 in a very nice group. Ross was unplaced in the puppy group but we were chuffed to see Tish and Sari get puppy group 2. As far as I was concerned it had been a nice day!
At the end of judging three people came up to me separately and said someone had been slagging me off. (Or one of my dogs as much as me) It really upset me, feeling really off colour myself I had a cry when I got home. The complaint was about Ross who had spent 10 minutes or so (but no more) "singing" in the van whilst the next class had been judged. It had also been carried back to me that the same person had blamed me for an incident the previous week. An incident that I had absolutely no control over as I was in the ring with Bella and following ring etiquette I do not take my phone in the show ring. Last night I was really upset, but talking to a friend I think has given me prospective on the whole thing .. she and I have cheated death and life is too short to worry about such menial issues. Upsetting as they are at the time we just need to forget it, realise it's their problem and move on. Not always easy though.
Asha gave us a bit of shock last night. For the first time in her life she didn't eat her carrot and biscuit at bed time. I went to bed worried sick about her. At around 3 am she was crying to go out and did have diarrhea. This morning I decided not to feed her, she was none too pleased and went to rummage in the recycling instead, scrambled egg it is then!!!


Lin said...

Try not to let it get you down Rhian and as you say life's too short, You're not the one in the wrong and we all know that you're not to blame . Hope Asha's ok xx

ian turner said...

when your feeling down and tear full dont hide it im here if you want a shoulder that what m8 are for

carrie said...

On so many levels how you cope when feeling well, or what happens when you're not.
You have just described perfectly how your mind and body work when under par, but realise if you were in good form it would not get to you! As an ex athlete, dancer complete sports nut and walker, my deterioration of mobility might have been horrendous. But the pain is my choice in a way rather than surgery and possible complete reliance on others, and look at what you achieve, the miles you travel, compete at top champ shows and win, DO NOT let a few jealous, miserable b~~~~~~~ get to you.I always felt at auditions that the spiteful looks and comments showed how well I was doing when I got the job and certain others didn't. Had you been feeling in good nick everything would have fell into place, and as to Ross, singing, flipping eck, that's what dogs do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete waste of time worrying about that, quite futile, and I can only laugh that someone is so envious of Blanik that such a trivial thing has been mentioned at all. As you can tell this has annoyed me, and if your critics walked a mile in your shoes on problem days, they might get it!! Mayb you should adopt m y family mottoe?!!!!!!!!!!!
hAVE SAID ENOUGH rHIAN, ENJOY THE SUN AND GO AND SCRAMBLE THOSE EGGS. oH AND SINCE tASHA had to have pilchards for breakfast two or three days running, she will now not eat the usual breakfast !!!!!!!!!111