Monday, 7 May 2018

Another New Walk

 Less than 10 mins by van and even on bank holiday Monday there wasn't a soul in sight! 
This had been one of Steve's favourite walks back in the day ..
The days before he and I were together and we both had a different life with people who were not right for us. Steve was disappointed the path was so over grown and the memories he'd hoped to catch up with with his precious Sheba simply were not there. A good thing maybe? I don't know. 
 Ross loved his swim, just the day for it!
 The future of Blanik .. God help us! LOL
Seriously they are both adorable and a pleasure to share a life with 
 Kaiah's recall is usually spot on, today she was thinking about it more and Ross got the gold star. Can you see her? 
 Now locals will know where we are?
"Come on Mr Stevie" - I do love it when Steve feels up to a short walk
Makes my day!

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Lin said...

Lovely pics and great to see Steve in them x