Friday, 4 May 2018

It Went Dark

Junior By Candle Light
Last night as I socialised at dog club with Ross Steve and the others sat at home in the dark. Apparently within minutes of us leaving the power went out, and he was still in darkness when I got home. It was candle light until 10 ish when we gave up and went off to bed .. only for the lights to come on just as we were ready for bed. At least we got a cuppa!
I worry I've made a mistake by agreeing to go back on the committee of the club. After being on the committee for about 20 years I have had about a 10 year break.  Last night I would have done anything to stay home and rest my head .. to the point I felt it too dangerous for me to drive and got a lift down from the village. But the thing is, when I make the commitment then that is just it, I'm committed. Things are not as the where for me and I'm now unsure if it was a wise decision. The club has been a huge part of my life from when I first joined with Pepsi in 1988, becoming an instructor and qualifying in 1991 to the present day and I do feel a certain revitalised enthusiasm these days so  maybe I'll give it a year and reassess my health and emotions then.
About half the size in a week. 
I can't ever see my going back to instructing or competing in Obedience, but I don't mind taking my turn in doing Ring Craft classes, this section of the club has far more interest for me now. We need the classes for our puppies so we must support them with our adults. We also need classes for the clubs children .. the future of dog showing, of any dog sports and teaching them to train with compassion and kindness is paramount!
Asha's burst cyst is coming on a treat. We are still washing it twice daily but have stopped putting the powder on it. Keeping the hair out of it is difficult but I really don't want to cut anymore hair if I can help it. Keeping her from nibbling it is less difficult, though the odd reminder is necessary! So a week on and yes it's healing .. thankfully!

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Lin said...

Glad we were home and not in the dark lol re dog club committee just see how you go but don't push yourself. x