Wednesday, 23 May 2018

My Opinion On The Critiques ..

2 Stanley's Blanik Jeevana. Standing she is so shapely with lots to admire. Her reach of neck, smoothly contoured backline and very good bend of stifle all take the eye. However, on the move she is quite a handful, throwing her front about which cost her dearly. Once her enthusiasm is curbed and she settles she should do well.

2 Stanley & Bibby's Silkenwood Poldark Of Blanik. A sable and he too is lacking forechest at this stage of his development. Nice head, good neck and smooth backline, enough spring of rib and well coated. Pasterns need to firm up and he is narrow in front on the move. 3 Finnigan's Reyakosa Brando.
Let's start with Kaiah .. a nice critique and yeah I have to agree the young lady did take the piss on the day. But watch the video my god was she really that bad? I think not! If he liked her that much why didn't he give her another opportunity to go round and settle? One thing is for sure I definitely don't want to curb her enthusiasm,  I'd sooner she had a spark than be flat any day.  Of course getting past some handlers is impossible, could that have been the case on the day?
I totally disagree that Ross is lacking forechest for his age, I think he's showing normal development for his age. Again I've not noticed any weakness in his pasterns, or that he's narrow in front on the move. Of course I will now take a closer look. He comments that he's well coated .. Really? And his biggest fault, the one that I see so clearly .. well he didn't seem to see it! lol
It does concern you when you read critiques from a judge like this and you realise his lack of knowledge .. faded bitches are recorded as sables! Oops. One for the "don't fecking bother with" list then!
Due to the past experience I'll be dreading the Royal Welsh critiques now ...

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Lin said...

Well I think the judge is a prat yes Kaiah took the piss but when she settled she looked wonderful as for Ross he's so wrong but another judge will see how wonderful they both are x