Friday, 11 May 2018

To Show Or Not To Show?

That is the question!
Ross Last Saturday
Ross has lost more coat than I thought he had in the first place. He's looking tall, bald and lean, very lean. At a time when dogs moult the only way to keep condition is to slightly increase the amount of food they get, but with Ross being such a picky eater that has been impossible.
So here's the dilema, this will be his last Champ Show in puppy classes, do I put him in and go for it or withdraw him until he gets his condition back later in Junior classes? People never forget when you show a dog in poor condition, even if it's obvious to everyone that the reason for the condition is that dreaded puppy/junior moult. Judges will obviously be aware of his age and that he looks like a tall lanky teenager, but when faced with other dogs of the same age in better condition in the class, what is a judge to do? I like to send my dogs into the ring with at least a fighting chance of winning, or at least getting placed. If they loose they loose but I don't want them to loose because I'm showing them out of condition, but equally I don't want Ross to miss out on his last Champ Show puppy class either! It really is a dilema for me, as a "type" of dog I'm sure he'll appeal to the judge but this condition will be a consideration.
Loki went through a stage like this too, strangely at the same time of year, though Loki was younger. I did show him at a Champ show and the judge put him last but commented that he needed time to fill his frame. By the time Loki was a young Junior he was really getting it together, but
I think it may take Ross a few months to "fill his frame" and get his condition back now. I don't mind taking him to open shows .. but I tend to think only the best, looking their best should represent the breed at champ shows.
I think I'll bath him tomorrow and see if the coat that remains will fluff up a little, well it'll do one of three things, fluff up, lay flat as it is now or completely fall out! Kill or cure eh! As he's a puppy I will probably take him and show him, but he'll have to drastically improve before he's a young Junior or they won't be a trip out to Blackpool Ch. Show!


carrie said...

Take him, as he is entered,f and spy out the competition>

Lin said...

bet you're glad you took him now xx