Friday, 25 May 2018

Happy Days

 Today I decided to take Nico and Jezi back to Talysarn and follow a path towards Dorothea,  I had last walked here in the company of Pat Scouse with Blade and Pepsi in the 90ies. I didn't remember anything of the walk and once I got away from the lake where it seems everyone walks in the mornings it was lovely, sheltered and secluded. I'd love to go back but it was a little busy in the first part of the walk for my liking, at that time of day anyway. I have to be on the ball with Jezi, I never give her the opportunity to make a mistake, but it was a shame that some people were resentful of my request that they should put their dogs on the lead. Jezi didn't put a foot wrong but my priority is to keep her safe, even if I do offend the odd other dog walker!

 Another lovely dog walking day had me taking the others to Llyn Cop. Not a long walk but a place they love and the girls had a fantastic time.
 Ziva giving Sammi the evil eye .. lol. Ziva doesn't like it when Sammi's out in front
It was back to Llyn Cop with these three as well, but I love the photo with Llyn Nantlle in the valley!
"Kaiah, Nope I've not seen Kaiah!"

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Lin said...

Love all these pics and Ziva's face says it all LOL