Wednesday, 9 May 2018


The events of 2 of the last shows still haunt me. I know I'm too soft for my own good but we are who we are and I can't deny I feel the hurt as I have considered this person to be a friend for years. But at least now I have everything a little bit more logical in my mind. If, as was quoted Ross' singing (He sound a little like Kai did) had freaked this bitch out so much that she could not be show, should she be at a dog show? Actually I know the bitch and she has a great character, she full of fun and excitement and there is no way she would be freaked out by her friend singing in the van. Whatever her reason for refusing to stand it was nothing to do with Ross .. but the handler needed someone to blame and it seems I was it! What bothers me is that if three friends have told me about this then how many people has she told, and how many people will believe her? Thankfully the people there will know the truth of it and she will be the one making herself unpopular not me.
As regards to the previous show where she also fucked up, I wonder if she knows some of her nearest have contacted me and told me what she's been saying? How the hell was I suppose to phone her when I was in the ring with Bella? In respect for the judge and for fear of dropping my phone I never take it in the ring, haven't done since I took it in at The Royal Welsh when handling Louis and Freshfields kept phoning me. My phone is usually in Linda's bag and as she wasn't there I'd carelessly left all my belongings on my bench the other side of the hall! Though I felt for her from the bottom of my heart on the day I refuse to take the blame for her mistake, and anyway as she had told others we did honestly think she was on her way home!
So last night I was voted back onto the committee of the dog club. I think we'll give it a go now and see what the next 12 months bring. I can't be as reliable as I was and they know that. A few new faces but mostly pretty much same old ...
After the meeting the conversation turned to the shows .. I swear it was not me who brought the subject up but it was interesting to hear people's take on Saturday as it unfolded. It was equally interesting to hear I wasn't the only one she'd shouted at in the ring whilst she should have been competing, and quite upsetting to hear that she had commented that a previous dog she had owned was better than anything I had ever owned. Apparently I was told this at the time she said it, but it's something that has disappeared from my memory, now I won't forget it. Well bring it on girl, put you're money where your mouth is! She will win, of course she will, it's the game we play and judges interpretations of the breed standard vary, I can see the Royal Welsh judge liking her bitch but I wouldn't swap anything of mine .. would you?
Ok I've ranted enough and hopefully this will help to clear my head ... I can move on, for the sake of my hobby and our GSD community I will, but simply I won't forget!

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Lin said...

At least you know that people know it's her at fault and certainly not you. Just no need for that behaviour and just rise above it and let Ross sing his little heart out x