Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Not The Best Of Heads???

If you remember a comment was made about a young Loki that his head may never be masculine enough. Bet they are eating their words now eh! Well I just couldn't believe it when the same comment was recently made about Ross. What is it with people? Why can't they wait for these boys to mature. I did answer with my honest thoughts which where , "well I think his head is ideal for his age, size and shape. " And actually, maybe out of embarrassment they then agreed with me, but come on he's only 11 months old he has a lot of maturing to do yet! 
It's easy to see that Loki's head at 11 months was long and narrow but to me he never looked feminine, I could always see the potential and it's so easy to see who "The Boy" is now isn't it! 
Ross' head has never been narrow, he's chunkier now than Loki was at the same age but his muzzle is shorter. His head is more typical of my own breeding Mikey, Louis, Dexi ... where as Loki having the longer muzzle is more reflective of Nico, (his dad) Kai and even Blade. 
To me this boy will be all man - when he's older of course!!!!

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Lin said...

FFS they have always looked like males and look how handsome they are some people need to go to specsavers !!!!!!!!