Monday, 27 March 2017

Wondering On Walk One

This morning I decided to go down to the derelict cottage with Nico and Jezi. It was lovely down there, but I still felt a sadness, at one point this shell was someone's home. What life had come and gone in it? Who had walked in and out through it's door? Who had slept by the fire in the Winter and hopefully had time to sit out in the sun in the Summer? I hope it was once a happy home. 
It was a lovely walk down there, but really a hike back up and I hadn't envisaged how hot it would be by mid morning, well it is only March! Getting back to the top derelict cottage the dogs started behaving oddly, as quick as a flash a cat came out from the reeds and took off cross country. I didn't see much of it, but my it was a beautiful looking cat. A Spotted Silver tabby, I think .. with very unusually black markings. Nico as usual was impeccably behaved, but sadly Jezi let herself down, threw a deaf one and took off after the sent (The cat was long gone!) I was disappointed in her, but I guess she did come back .. eventually!
By the time I was back at the van I was sweating, my legs where wobbly and I swear I could hear my heart beating ... I was glad that I'd been but the next walk would without doubt be on flatter ground!
The front of the cottage - the sun brightly shine through detracts a little from the photo. 

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Lin said...

Lovely pics but a hell of a walk for you but I bet it was worth it apart from the cat !!!!1