Saturday, 18 March 2017

BOB At Llandudno

Siblings Loki and Bella

Just home from a hectic Llandudno show. Great atmosphere with lovely friends who after me having a bad head week managed to mostly keep me on track. Asha was entered in Pastoral Veteran, but I didn't take her as I'd forgotten there was a class. Sorry Asha! On the way I found myself on the way out of Caernarfon having forgotten to pick up Ian and had to go back for him, and then I went into the wrong class with Loki. Later I took the dogs back to the van without taking the keys with me, Linda would never have let me do that! Aww, don't feel sorry for me .. just laugh at me like my mates do!!!!
Only Loki and Bella present to represent the breed with Loki taking BOB and group 4 in a numerically large group. Proud of my boy, but equally proud of Kaiah, and Ro and Mark's Jethro who took it all in their stride and coped brilliantly with the crowded hall. (338 entries at the show) Kaiah says sorry to uncle Ian, but you must pull your finger out of her mouth faster when she's eating!!! LOL
Sibling - Kaiah and Jethro - looking alike!


Lin said...

Well what a day see you do need your carer ( me ) with you lol and how could you forget Ian !!!!!! so pleased Jethro did so well with more socialising he'll be fine. A big well done to Loki and love all the photo's x

ian turner said...

well done today so happy for you and loki and loved seen kaiah and jethro taking it all in kaiah is so full of confidens .never mind about my finger i stil got another 7 and 2 thumbslol