Wednesday, 8 March 2017

More Westie Trouble

Having walked the first two lots on Moel Tryfan I decided to take the last lot to Llyn Cop. Tali likes it there and it's a great place for the pup .. Loki of course came too!
We parked in the village and had a stress-less and pleasant walk to the lake. My only concern being that Kaiah seems to show little fear of what could be a danger to her, like jumping off a 5 ft bank. If Loki can do it so can she. Guiding her down carefully didn't work as it seem to amuse her to go round and back up so I ended up having to climb up on it and walk along it with her. Well it worked!
As we got back to the end of the walk the two yapping terriers came hurtling over the bank and stood there barking at us. Quickly I grabbed Kaiah and popped her on the lead. Loki was predictable disinterested ..  he's had a good teacher in Mikey, but Tali, yeah well Tali took off after them. With Linda shouting "she's going .. oh no she's going" I could do nothing .. she deaf and I need eye contact to stop her ..  and there she was ...  gone, proving that even at 12 she can't half shift.
I left Kaiah with Linda and Loki and I climbed over the bank to find Tali on her way back and not a Westie in sight! It tickled me, but of course the "what ifs" bother you. She's old and had they turned on her she could have been seriously hurt, there is also often 4 of them loose and they can be quite threatening. The other two are a collie and a lurcher, had they all been there she wouldn't have had a hope in hell ... and of course what if she had chased them further and onto the distant road. I know you could suggest there is blame on both sides, Tali shouldn't have gone off after them I agree and she's deaf so should she be on the lead? Well in my opinion hell no, I'm not going to stop her having a good time. For me it boils down to one thing, why oh why can't people keep their dogs safely enclosed on their properties? It really is beyond me, imagine the uproar if mine where free and allowed to chase after people walking with or without their dogs!

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Lin said...

Bloody westies are a pain although Tali went off like a shot after them she came back I doubt Lexi would have done I think she'd have given chase, It's frightening to think what could happen