Thursday, 9 March 2017


These aren't my words, I found them on one of the FB groups, but sums things up perfectly for me I'm feeling very grateful.
"I'm grateful that George died peacefully in his sleep. Surrounded by his own things, in his much cherished home. Grateful his home was warm, with his cupboards stocked high with Christmas food and drink. Grateful that he had plans that Christmas weekend. That he had friends and family he was planning to see. Friends and family that loved him dearly. Grateful that he got to see the lit torch procession pass by his home. Grateful he saw 'some' Christmas. Grateful that he had a busy 2017 to look forward to. Grateful that he was so excited for this next stage in his career. I'm grateful that he went to sleep that night as the King of his Castle. All was right in his world. I have a feeling he was a very contented man. He lived one thousand lives in his one lifetime. I hope he was proud."

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Lin said...

What lovely words x