Sunday, 26 March 2017

So proud

Love this photo of baby Kaiah taken at the show yesterday. Great job of standing her there Ian, thank you. I'm quite taken aback at how good she looks, maybe it takes a photo for you to open your eyes and see what you really have! She's so beautifully constructed, so balanced and those pasterns have sure improved! 
I Love her head and cheeky expression and I love her dark eye. 
But more than anything I love who she is, just a great character who's loving life and taking everything in her stride! 


Lin said...

She certainly is a little beauty and so full of herself. Can't wait to see her beat all who come up against her in the ring. Best in show at Crufts Kaiah xx

ian turner said...

totally agree with you rhian she is so beautiful in all ways i love her so much .and she did so brilliant in the ring practising