Sunday, 5 March 2017

Caernarfon C.S Show

Yesterday was out first local show of the year, a very long but pleasing day for the Blanik troops. With the events of the week still fresh in our minds it was also an emotional day with no one quite believing the news that left us short of a steward, but mostly short of our lovely friend. But the show must go on .. so to speak .. and it did as she would wish it to do! 
Loki gave his usual faultless performance and won GSD PG, but Sammi was rushed into the ring and sadly was unsettled, she was second in GSD Open. From the challenge Loki then went on to win Best Of Breed and Group 2. What a boy! 
Undoubtedly the star of the show was Asha, she won her class then won Pastoral Veteran Group 1 and in the afternoon she gaited her way to Best Veteran In Show. The judge saying she moved like a 4 year old .. yeah she does! 
Sadly there are no photos taken from the breed classes but I was delighted to see these online last night, taken by Bethan the Our Dogs Photographer. Love them, so important to have these memories to treasure with the oldies. 
Both Old and Young had a good day and Kaiah came to see what it was all about. She has decided that a room full of chicken, sausages, fish treats, sandwiches and cup cakes is a place where she needs to be! Yes, with out my permission she had two cup cakes (and she didn't steal them they were given to her) 
 "Kaiah be loving pink icing cake!"
What a cheeky expression!


carrie said...

Absolutely fantastic. So pleased there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and congrats for all Blanik success. Sounds and looks wonderful. Regardinbg pink icing, I seem to remember another Blanik who liked icing and cherries. Dear Dexi. x

Lin said...

Huge congrats on a fantastic day and well done Asha you show them how it's done !!!!

ian turner said...

so happy for you with the wins in the show they all did brilliant for you but asha is a super star in my eyes she moved like a dream for you