Saturday, 11 March 2017

Move On

The arguing and bickering on the George Michael pages on Facebook are really disheartening. Some people are plain evil, even now their posts could be considered liable or at least offensive. Poor Fadi has lost his partner. I accept some people don't like him but he's innocent of any wrong doing. He was George's choice, George love, why can't they accept that? Some are even shouting "Cover up," oh yeah as if! I'm being kind, maybe they just can't accept the loss!
It's been hard, and some of my friends are unable to move on. I have found some peace after the coroners report, and for the first time that day I played a George CD. Martin Kemp had me in tears again but some how now I feel I'm beginning to accept the situation. I'm sure others will find the strength and closure with time. Right now I'm gretful to George for everything he has given me. Always proud to be a George Michael fan. X


Anonymous said...

Just to say I'm with you on your last sentence... Forever proud to be a George Michael fan! And very blessed to have met lovely people who adored him as much as I do...
Love Karin

Lin said...

Why can't they be nice just leave well alone and let him rest peacefully