Friday, 24 March 2017

We Went Back To The Tunnel

On her second attempt Linda had found the tunnel yesterday morning, but we still decided to take some of the dogs who hadn't been there back to explore on the later walk. Kaiah was intrigued and had to go in, Loki had seen it before and Tali was disinterested in it really, though as this wasn't a walk that was familiar to Tali she was very full of herself!
Steve says the tunnel was an old railway tunnel from the days when the quarry was working, and with a derelict outbuilding and piles of slate stacked at one end that makes perfect sense. It would be amazing to see photos of this place as it was then during the days when dozens must have worked here in all weathers. In recent years the quarry has been worked again, but it must be worlds apart from what the older generations went through up here.
The reason I rarely do this walk is because it's downhill at the beginning ... and what goes down, has to come up again to get home. I always prefer to start my walks going up hill, then I have more energy and then the second half of the walk is down for home. But with a large new area to explore again I think I'll be going back pretty soon.

Loki calling Kaiah to have a look ...
But Miss busy body went further than he did
And me? Na I'm not going in there
 Tali returning from exploring further down then we went. (No surprise there then)
 I must have stood and looked down here a 100 times, but I'd never been this far down .. the next trip is beyond that wall with a quick look at the derelict cottage.  
 Linda complaining - "It's too steep"
Actually to be fair the photo doesn't do justice to how steep it was. 
Come on Anti Lin, Kaiah be bored of waiting at the top, you be vevy slo

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Lin said...

Loved the walk apart from the steep bit LOL pic are great x