Monday, 13 March 2017

Weigh In

Trip out for young and old this morning. First stop the vets for a weigh in. So chuffed with how well Tali is doing. She's now back up to almost 28kg - after a bad few months with her IBS she was down to just under 25kg 6 weeks ago. She now has 2 meals of Arden Grange Fish and Potato and 2 meals of white fish with pasta or mash potatoes daily and it's working a treat.
Kaiah, now 5 months old was 21.25kg today which I think is ideal. I make her 53.5cms at the wither so just a cm smaller than her mum was. (Sammi was 20.80 kg and 54.5cms at the wither) Kaiah's not impressed with her 3 meals a day and is still waiting for lunch!
We then took the girls for a nice walk along the track in Rhostryfan .. I'm in my new high viz coat so Tali can see me, with her nuclear sclerosis she can't see dark colours that well .. or that's her excuse for always going her own way anyway!

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Lin said...

Love this pic of the three of you and new coat looks good x