Friday, 24 March 2017


Over the last week I sure have got myself in a state over teeth. Finding it easier to bottle it up and worry myself sick about it than discuss it, I decided not to tell anyone except Steve about my concerns. Kaiah seemed to have a missing tooth. All but one of her adult teeth had come through, her bite was looking perfect but where one of her bottom p4's were suppose to be there was just a gap. In a pet dog this is no problem, in a show dog it's a disaster. There is no point showing a GSD with a missing tooth, it is simply an unacceptable fault. Steve had me in tears by suggesting that if it didn't come through then I should sell her. He knows me better than that, just the thought of it reduced me to tears ... but the thought of not being able to show her also had me in pieces.
Two Champ shows were closing their entries last week and I just didn't know what to do. Both at £25 a class it was a lot of money to throw away, if this tooth was missing she would not be going in the ring. I decided to think positively and enter, after all I would regret it if the tooth came through later ... well guess what? Tonight it bloody has!
Proving that every pup is a learning curve I've never known a tooth be so late in coming through, but tonight the tip of the tooth has finally broken through the gum. Yes she still has a big gab, but the tooth is there and it will now hopefully catch up with the others and her dentition will be complete by the time she's 6 months.
Watch out world Blanik Jeevana will soon be entering the show ring!

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Lin said...

You must have been in bits but it's there now thank goodness and there will be no stopping you both now x