Friday, 10 March 2017

Drizzly and Dull

After the last few days this morning's weather sure is a disappointment... and it looks like it's in for the day. Whatever  the weather though after yesterdays disappointment I'll have to get the troops out. Yesterday morning my brain was exhausted and by the time I had started to recover in beautiful sunshine we had to go shopping. With planned family visits in the afternoon the dogs only had time out in the field, and boy did we pay for it last night! The youngsters are never content with time in the field, to them it's simply their back garden and it lacks interest and adventure. Oh sure, they run, they play and physically they are tired for a while, but mentally it gives little or no satisfaction at all. We all know that the way a dog is truly satisfied is when they can have a walk and a run, but more importantly when they get to sniff, mooch and explore. So later this morning come what may we'll pile in the van and go for our walks, they may even be short walks but they will stimulate the mind and hopefully leave me with satisfied Blaniks.
I loved seeing the photos of Kyle on his walk on the beach last night. That young boy sure has landed on his feet. Iris and Dennis adore him and give him everything he needs, including the training! I also love seeing the photos and videos of Kai, Asha's brother on his adventures in Derby. I know not everyone with a Blanik carries a camera or a smart phone .. but boy I wish they did!
The little guys will be 5 months on Monday .. I have made a decision, no more lunches for Kaiah. I usually find I can stop the 4th meal at around 4 months, they tend to not want it. Kaiah has proved to not be like that and will eat as much as we want to give her .. she's now going to be Kaiah three teas and I can't imagine it will be popular especially as Tali will still be getting  four. (Kaiah will stay on three now till at least 7 months where I'll put her down to two like all the others)
Poor Kaiah is also loosing her teeth, she doesn't seem to be in pain, but we are finding teeth spat about here and there the last few days, so here's hoping for a complete and correct set so we can look forward to hitting the show ring in Mid April. So far so good with her, she's looking just as I would want her at this age. Watch this spot for updates!

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Lin said...

Wonderful pics of Kai and Kyle and so lovely to see the little ones out and about and having fun. Totally agree that they need more than just a run as much as Lexi loves your field she keeps nudging her lead to go for a proper walk x