Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Show

With only 5 GSD's entered yesterday breed support was indeed pretty poor! But in it to win it and all that and Sammi as ever gave of her all. Loki on the other hand, didn't! Feeling a little delicate,  I asked Mark to handle Loki. Nothing wrong with that I thought, he's done it before, but the little guy turned into bucking bronco and point blank refused to play the game! The slippery leisure centre floor didn't help, but really it was mostly Loki's own doing!
Bella stood and moved well and rightly so won the class. A proud moment for Ian as he has been working hard on her. As her circle of friends extends then so does her confidence. She's such a sweetheart and a great first step for Ian and Tracy into the showing world. We all start somewhere, and to start with one you've bred yourself must be a great beginning.
Sammi won Open, again she was in a class that was really above her station, but with only the two classes to choose from there was no option. She shows beautifully for me .. yes very proud!
I love this photo of Loki taken by Paul who owns Yogi. I guess you can see what he is, and hopefully with maturity what he will be. The last time he met his brothers he was indeed "little legs" but now I guess he is the tallest. Having now seen 4 of the male pups from the litter I'm still happy with my choice of puppy. For me  Loki still has the most "Show potential," which is what I was looking for in 6 week old puppy. The other puppies are lovely and seem to be thriving in their wonderful homes. (And I'm looking forward to seeing Zeus this afternoon) There's only one home I'd change, but like Ian and Tracy, there's sadly nothing we can do about it now! 

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Lin said...

Lovely day and loved seeing Loki's brothers,well done Sammi, Loki and Bella x