Saturday, 2 May 2015

That'll Learn ya!


A lovely but somewhat cold day at Anglesey C.S. Loki was 1st in PG, BPIB and Pastoral Puppy Group 2 - Sammi 1st in Limit, BOB and Pastoral Group 4 - Jezi 1st in open. Thanks to everyone who shared the day with me, and to Tracy who handled Jezi.
So chuffed with Loki, his behaviour was impeccable again today and he managed to win a class of three, with one of the exhibits in the class being an adult! So much for going just for the experience - well "that'll lean ya" - as the song goes!!!
Sammi was her usual self, a touch OTT outside the ring, but showed to perfection! 
Jezi handled by Tracy did me proud too. Lovely to watch her win her class, though it all went arse about tit when I returned into the ring for the challenge with Sammi. Still in my opinion, coat or no coat the best of my three was BOB. 

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Lin said...

Oh ye of little faith LOL he did so well,and huge well done to Sammi and Jezi x