Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Great Escape ...

Looking like Desperate Dan I'm abiding by the hospitals requests that I rest for 3 or 4 days. Sadly the troops are already getting restless, Steve took them to the field yesterday afternoon, but half of them came back! Not a new scenario, if I'm home they don't tend to go without me, whilst I'm at work he has no bother and they all get a good run.
Sammi loves uncle Jake 
Anyway this morning the pack of six were with me in the living room, the three in the middle room. Steve had popped out to post a birthday card for me. The living room door was open and the youngsters were out. I heard Steve arriving home and the usual barking .. but then the barking got more intense and I heard raised voices.
Now I know I'm a wimp, but I'm being honest, after the GA my legs are like jelly and I'm still a little disorientated, but I knew something was wrong and I had to go out! The gate was open and the 6 were out, by the time I got there 5 where returning in as Steve had called them. Linda was hanging on to Lexi in the middle of her garden and Sammi was snogging Jake through the fence! Between the accounts of Linda and Steve I know that our gate was opened from the inside ... all six dogs came out, Ziva and Sammi went straight to cause trouble with Lexi, Mikey stood back (as he would!) and the other three were a blurr. Because Linda was out and got hold of Lexi quickly no one got anywhere near each other, and in all fairness 5 came in almost as soon as they were called. Number 6? Well what do you expect, she doesn't bloody listen!  She ran round the caravan a couple of times, stopping only to flirt with Jake. Sammi has always loved Jake, and the feeling is mutual. Interesting to know that flirting with Jake was more interesting than fighting with Lexi!
Loki and Mikey
So how did they get out? Well it could have been a lucky paw on the catch on the gate, or it could have been Loki! He has once before opened the gate to get to me by twisting the catch with his mouth. We gave him the benefit of the doubt then, though he had opened the catch the gate had not swung open, so we though he may not have put two and two together. But whatever, however it happened it can't happen again, Steve is currently busy devising a new system and it looks like I won't be able to get out either!

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Lin said...

No harm done but what I remember mostly (apart from hanging on to Lexi) was Mikey just looking quietly thinking that he wasn't going to get involved and Jake doing the same till he and Sammi decided to run off together in the opposite direction !!!!! if our fence hadn't been there they would have been off round the field !!!!! As soon as I saw it was Sammi I knew there was no need to worry although they've not been together since last year that friendship was still there,but don't worry Tali you're still the love of his life LOL